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Rosedale Federal First Time Homebuyer
Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Assn.


Michael Preston
Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan 6708 Belair Road
Baltimore Maryland 21206
410-688-4400 ext. 341

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Program Overview

Rosedale Federal First Time Homebuyer is a program for first-time homebuyers with low-to-moderate incomes and buying a home in the eligible area. Rosedale Federal's CRA assessment area, primarily Baltimore and Harford counties and Baltimore City.

Property Eligibility Requirements

The sales price cannot exceed $ 175000.

Allowable property types: single-family

Benefit Details

The maximum sales price and loan amount is $175,000.

Benefit: Fixed rate mortgage loan for 100% LTV. No points or application fee
Loan Term:30 yrs. years
Homebuyer Counseling /
Education Required:
Owner Occupancy Required:Yes
Other Program Comments:No minimum loan amount; maximum loan is based on borrower's income and debt ratios, not to exceed $175,000.

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