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Good Neighbor Next Door
US Dept. Housing & Urban Development


Program Overview

Good Neighbor Next Door is a program that provides a 50% discount on HUD-held homes with as little as $100 down payment. This program is specifically for firefighters, emergency medical technicians, polis officers and teachers/faculty (grades K-12) Available nationwide.

Property Eligibility Requirements

Homes must be located in HUD-designated Revitalization Areas. (

Benefit Details

The amount of assistance is 50% of the listing price of the residence.

Benefit: The 50% discount is a subordinate lien that will be eliminated if the purchaser lives in the property as a principal residence for 3 years. After the 3-year period, any increase in equity/appreciation belongs to the homeowner.
Loan Term:36 mos. years
Homebuyer Counseling /
Education Required:
Owner Occupancy Required:Yes
Other Program Comments:Offers must be submitted through a real estate broker. The purchaser does not have to be a first-time buyer, but may not own any other residential real property one year prior to the submission of an offer to purchase.

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